VA2 (NASS-2009) BOBO v Arlett ca

Bobo von Arlettca (SchH3, KKl1 - Hips, Elbows ‘a’ normal.)


Bobo von Arlett CA Judge’s critique from NASS 2009 (Herr Hans Ludger Goeke):

Catalog # 408, A dog that is very much to my liking. Bred over Quentin Karanberg, he has many advantages over his great sire. He improves over his sire in substance, size and powerful bones.

Very typey and expressive with very good pigmentation and a strong, substantial head. A high wither, good top line and a very good length and lay of croup. Correct angulations in front and rear; straight front, fluent, far extending and ground covering gait. This is a dog that always smiles and looks in the ring and he was presented wonderfully.

V29 - BSZS - Herr Reinhardt Meyer

VA2 - NASS - Herr Hans Ludger Goeke

V2 - Canada - Herr Alberecht Woerner

SG1 - Canada - Herr Hans Peter Fetten

SG1 - Canada - Herr Gaberiale petterioneli

Herr Gaberiale petterioneli and Bobo. He won SG1 convincingly at the show.

On the podium with Marco and Herr hans Peter Fetten in Canada

Albercht Woerner at the breed survey and  show ogling over Bobo.