Bobo von Arlettca (SchH3, KKl1 - Hips, Elbows ‘a’ normal.)


Date of Birth: September 6th, 2005.

Working titles, Breed Survey: SCHH3, KKL1.

Hip Result: ‘a1’ normal.

Elbow Result: ‘a1’ normal.

HD ZW: 88.

Height at wither: 65.0 cm

Depth of brisket: 29.0 cm

Brisket circumference: 79.0 cm

Weight: 37.0 kg

KOER REPORT  by Herr Alberecht Woerner.

Large, strong, very typey, standing in very good proportions; high withers, straight, strong back, good length and angle of the croup. Good brisket proportions, very good fore and hind angulations, correct front. he is straight coming and going. He has a very good movement which originates with a very powerful hindthrust and extends into a very free front reach.

TSB: Pronounced, lets out.

Special Breeding recommendations:  Very Typey & expressive male.

He is Recommended to improve construction and type.